Today most of us are running behind money just to secure future of our self and family, but do you know some where we are neglecting our health?

If I see from my point of view, making money is easy. But it's not usually money we want. We crave the lifestyle money provides Right?

Oh nice! But did you ever observe on thing with your bank balance your dress size is also increasing?

If you have not observed then it’s the right time now to control your health and keep the key of your health in your hand.

Remember one thing our grandfather use to say….

I found the key for my happiness and success…

You want to know what that was…

“Money cannot buy health, but good health can earn money”

And you know what, I too understood this, when I became the victim of weight gain.

But did you ever think, why are we gaining weight even though we are following all our routine?

If you think so then, let me ask you something…

Do you think food which we eat is organic?

Are we having 100% chemical free food?

Don’t you think these chemicals can also help you in weight gain or weight loss?

Do you really think any medicine will help you in this?

I know most of your answers will be NO.

So let’s understand, how is our busy lifestyle contributing to health problems?

Nowadays, people are working long hours and physical activity has decreased. One tends to sit in a place for long duration of time which leads to back pains.

Food habits have changed and people tend to go in for junk food and food from restaurants which are readily available and this creates weight gain which further leads to obesity.

Another problem what I feel is the excessive usage of laptops and looking into it for long hours which automatically leads to stress or mental health issues and even stomach problems too.

I know we can’t stop working or going to office regularly because our family basic needs depends on our salary which we earn. I even understand that with your packed schedule it’s totally impossible to do some physical activities or eat on time after all our office doesn’t work according to our life style right? And unfortunately all these things are leading us towards constipation, obesity, overweight, underweight etc.

My motto is very clear in this, I understand that our job is important but, don’t you think taking care of our body is also our responsibility?

It’s really a high time to sit and think about your inner health.

Answer me few things…

Don’t you think Chemicals in Our Environment can also Cause Weight Gain?

Don’t you think even pollution in air can also affect your waistline?

As a Mother ,wife ,daughter our women take care of each and every things starting from food to cleaning, but some where I feel in this busy packed schedule they actually forget to take care of their self ,I know some time they even get appreciations from family member for work they do for the family …

But, here I have some personal question to all the women regarding this

When was the last time you thought about yourself?

When was the last time you got compliments for your good look or good body?

Are you considering yourself healthy?

Are you in best of your shape?

And I will not be surprised to hear the answers; I know it will be a big NO Right?

So all the women out there ,please wake up it’s a high time now just know your current condition of your body and contact us Now. We will be happy to help you

Priya Arora from Mumbai is one of our clients and her issue was under weight

One day I got a call from priya ,she was totally depressed with her weight issue ,as soon as I asked her about the problem she is facing, she start telling about her life style and eating habits..

Priya: Sidharth you know what, it’s just a myth that eating junk food can make you fat

Me: Okay, so can you tell me what all you eat to increase your weight?

Priya: Huh….Almost everything!

Me: okay okay…but still you can name some..

Priya: I eat 7 to 9 meals a day all my food are full of fat like pizza, burger ,ice cream, rice ,chicken etc…

Me: Actually speaking, I was surprised that how priya is following wrong track to gain weight.

Priya: help me Sidharth ,I am really in trouble 

Me : you know what Priya,what if I say you are welcoming so many other health issue with the routine you are following…

Generally with this conversation what I am trying to say is just to gain weight people start collecting toxins in their body and in future which leads to many health issues like gas, obesity, hearth issue etc.

I just asked one thing to priya …

What if one magic drink can help you to gain weight???

And she said What…..

I can understand her reason of getting socked. I gave her the magic drink and you know what miracle happen to her as well

Want to know what could be the reason of all these happening to you?

We help people to maintain their weight, as weight is one of the biggest problems in the world.

Do you know every problem starts with your weight?

Yes, you hear me right…

Don’t you think over weight or underweight both can make you ill?

So just don’t waste your time and money at wrong place…

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