Human Basic Needs

Human beings are the special and unique creation of godthere is an old saying that the human was made in the image of god himself. Human are blessed with so many things like Air, Water, food, soil, and fire to live a comfortable life on earth.

Some basic needs of human body are:

  • A Good Food
  • Healthy environment
  • Fresh pollution free air
  • Shelter
  • Pure water
  • And a good sleep

But do you think is it possible these days?

Today as the technology is on its peak, the life of human has changed in many ways, with all the advancements of technology human life has become lot more comfortable than earlier…

But, where did we go wrong?

Technological evolution has a huge impact on the resources we consume in our planet, our earth is totally polluted .Today it very difficult to find fresh air, pure water or food easily.

Don’t you think we are in trouble?

Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals are market demand these days, and we are consuming it on daily bases and frankly speaking we don’t have a control on it, each and every fruits and vegetables are growing forcefully or by oxytocin injections nothing is ripened in sunlight.

Don’t you think we are heading towards deficiency..???

Don’t you think these harmful chemicals are affecting your health day by day?

Don’t you think it’s time to act now?

For living a healthy life we need a nutrition food. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

But are we eating toxin free food?

Do you think your food have full nutrition, which your body demands for?

Today when world is busy making money and maintaining their life style some where they are not paying attention to what they are eating ,which is leading to a problems like stress ,hyper tension ,heart attacks, obesity etc. And I will not be wrong if I say somewhere technology is also playing a major role where due to the radical attack or harmful radiations we are suffering from early ageing.

Are you the victim of radical attack?

Please don’t ignore your internal body ….

May be your body is giving you a signal and some where you are missing it?

Are you feeling lazy when you get up in morning?

According to me it can be one of the reasons too…

Today our markets are flooded with adulterated food - we are left with nothing chemical free these days, everything like fruits, vegetables, rice etc. are full of adulteration.

Don't you think our body also demands for maintenance in this critical environment?

Every single day we work hard and earn some money so that we can take care of our family, but some where we just don’t pay attention to our own health …I would request you to just sit and think ….

Are you eating chemical free food?

What does your body want?

Are you able to pay attention to your health?

Are you listening to your stomach?

Just think where do you want to spend your savings?

I will leave this choice on you…after all it’s your money, it’s totally up to you whether you want to spend in medical or you can invest in your health. Totally our choice…

Okay, now that you are aware of these horrible facts …and the way it is affecting our health; you must be worried about yourself or about your families’ health right?

Then I would say your worry is not useless…

You must worry now or else you cannot turn time according to your choice…

Just don’t allow any toxin destroy your health after all

“The greatest wealth is health”

How second inning can help you…

So now that you are thinking to start taking care of self before it gets worse than let’s get connected, I will be happy to serve you …


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